INCENTO offers you a dynamic team of experts possessing a comprehensive know-how in organisational, financial and legal issues of project development and implementation.

We provide further consulting and training services for organisations, national authorities, regions and municipalities based on our long-lasting proven experience and high competence. INCENTO operates in various sectors and themes with clients in Germany, France, Poland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus and Iran.

INCENTO offers a complete range of services on the each stage of project/programme lifecycle both for Applicant and for Donors.

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Project Vision & Idea

For Applicants:

  • Search of appropriate assistance programme
  • Elaboration of Project idea and concept note

For Donors:

  • Development of grant programmes

Project Formulation

For Applicants:

  • Elaboration of full application form

 Project Contracting

For Applicants:

  • Supporting negotiations with donors

Project Implementation

For Applicants:

  • Project management
  • Legal management
  • Financial management
  • Reporting
  • Project Rescue Activities

For Donors:

  • Programme evaluation
  • Project audit

Further services

For Applicants and Donors:

  • Research & studies
  • Workshop moderation
  • Training & Coaching